"The Jazz Big Bands of FitzGerald's" is a two-disc DVD that tells the stories of the jazz big bands that have populated FitzGerald's Night Club in Berwyn, IL for the past 30+ years. The DVD features in-depth interviews with the leaders of the six "house bands" that have held or currently hold long-term engagements there, plus other interviews, a section on the rotating group of guest bands that is currently performing at FitzGerald's, player anecdotes, and an extensive picture slide show. FitzGerald's has long been known as "thee" place to hear live big band jazz and swing in the Chicago area, and this DVD lets you know why!

Jazz Big Bands of FitzGerald's DVD$15.00
Jazz Big Bands of FitzGerald's DVD - 2 copies$25.00

Some images from the DVD:

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