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NEW! Preparing for auditions! Ideas to make your preparation and performance for band or district auditions and competitions easier! Also, here are some ideas of trumpet solos you should consider playing for Solo & Ensemble competitions. Visit the Solo List page. If you need music for duos or trios, see our Duos & Trios page.

Are trumpetfish real?
See the bottom of this page!

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Are you ready for the next step or level in playing the trumpet? Try some of these books available from our home company, StewMuse Publications. StewMuse also has lots of music for trumpet solos through quartets as well as mixed brass groups from four to sixteen players. Many of these are great for Solo & Ensemble contests, too. Thanks!

YES, trumpetfish ARE real... and they are really cool! They typically grow to about 30" - 36" long. The trumpetfish also has a cousin called the cornetfish (of course!) that grows almost 6 feet long! Here is a photo of a trumpetfish that I took in the waters off the island of St. John, in the Virgin Islands.

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