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For students who are working on their first or second concert solos, the works by VanderCook or Forrest Buchtel have proven to be very successful and educational. There are a few series of solos, including "Trumpet Stars" (with names like Arcturus, Vega, and Lyra) and "Flowers" (Tulip, Marigold, or Daisies). These are all graded 1 - 3, with 3 being the hardest. Each songs has contrasting slow and fast sections and are about 2 minutes long.

Other "young artist" solos include:

Mississippi State University Suggested Trumpet Solo List.
This list contains teaching & contest solos, advanced solos, and works that are specifically gearerd toward use of the smaller trumpets (D, Eb, or Piccolo).

Mid-Level Solos (works for players ready to move past beginning solos but not quite ready for the bigger works)

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