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This page is for all of the items for which we don't have a dedicated page. Some are fun, some are informational, and hopefully they will be enjoyable to you!

Do you play cornet? The cornet has its own history and traditional use, both as a solo instrument and as a member of concert bands and brass bands. Click the following link for a Cornet History overview. This an article written by James Klages and was presented at the International Trumpet Guild convention in 2004.

How about a little fun? Here are two games you can play by downloading the PDFs below.

Michael Stewart: Chorales & Imitations

This is a collection of chamber brass music composed by Michael Stewart (the creator of TrumpetFish), from trumpet solo to brass nonet (9 players - trumpets, horns, trombones, and tuba, oh my!)

One of the BEST ways to learn to how to play the trumpet, as well as music in general, is to LISTEN to lots of music performed by great players. It is by imitation that we learn the different styles of music. Hearing different players, groups and styles also makes our appreciation of good music grow. Here are some persons and groups that have recorded many CDs to which you might enjoy listening!

Wynton MarsalisCandian BrassCount BasieChicago Symphony
Rolf SmedvigSummit BrassStan KentonMontreal Symphonie
Maurice AndreEmpire BrassWoody HermanPhiladelphia Orchestra
David HickmanLondon BrassRob McConnellNew York Philharmonic
Phil SmithChicago Brass ChoirBob FlorenceOrchestra of St. Luke's
Maynard FergusonRhythm & BrassRob Parton's Jazz TechLondon Philharmonic
Allen VizzuttiDallas BrassTed HeathBerliner Philharmonic
Thomas StevensMillar BrassToshiko AkiyoshiDallas Symphony
Orbert DavisPhilip Jones BrassMaria SchneiderLos Angeles Philharmonic

Are you a Boy Scout Troop Bugler???

Go to THIS PAGE to see and hear a couple of bugle calls and information about a collection of them presented in book form and a demo CD.

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Are you ready for the next step or level in playing the trumpet? Try some of these books available from our home company, StewMuse Publications. StewMuse also has lots of music for trumpet solos through quartets as well as mixed brass groups from four to sixteen players. Many of these are great for Solo & Ensemble contests, too. Thanks!

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