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Are you looking for Method Books? We all need materials that will take us forward in a logical and steady fashion, so give some of these a try.

Click HERE for notes on trumpet playing by David Bilger of the Philadelphia Orchestra.


For something that seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world, the way and when we breathe plays a big role in trumpet playing. Click on the following link for a lesson that might help you play... just by breathing at the right time!


In order for an ensemble to play together, it is important each person in the group know exactly when to change notes. It's easy to telll when someone isn't sure of the counting, because they generally change late. In the first couple of years of band, they can even become pretty good at following closely, but this lagging behind will become much more apparent as the music's rhythmic difficulty and overall speed increase. We ALL need to know what beat we are on and when we are supposed to move. The key to doing this is to be very sure of your counting... and then DO it, because it doesn't help if you don't actually count when playing. Hopefully, the following materials will help you with your counting.

Take a Counting Lesson! Here are some MP3s that go with the above counting chart.

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