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Smoked, stuffed squid.

A rainbow roll and a caterpillar roll.

A rainbow roll and a caterpillar roll.

The four seasons roll. Tuna, salmon, rice, and avocado.

An inside out California roll topped with squid strips and salmon roe.

Seared tuna rolls mixed with plain tuna rolls.

Veggie rolls. Peppers, carrots, whatever your pleasure!

California rolls topped with black and white roasted sesame seeds.

Salmon and tuna rainbow roll.

Three California rolls ready for overnight storage.

One of my visual favorites, the dragon roll.

Bacon and shrimp roll pieces. The "fire" is created by kewpie mayo and sriracha (hot!) sauce.

Salmon balls topped with kewpie mayo and salmon roe.

Breakfast sushi. Smoked salmon with cream cheese.

Rainbow roll with yellowtail tuna, salmon, big eye tuna, and vinegared sardine.

Some lightly seared tuna with sesame seeds and a mango salsa. An outstanding combination!

Lots of lunch meats also go well in sushi. Here, black forest ham with cream cheese.

Salmon, tuna, and avocado rolls, with the rice at center, and just a small strip of nori at the base to hold it together.

Veggie roll with rice paper replacing the nori.

Shrimp with mango rolls.

Not quite sushi, but sushi inspired. Imitation crab, tomato, and avocado with a drop of sriracha sauce atop a Triscuit.

If you're not sure about a taste combination, make some simple squares with different ingredients to find your favorite, or serve them like this as a variety platter.

A "deconstructed" salmon/avocado roll.

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