Before cooking, you need to wash the rice 3 or 4 times (here, a plastic strainer), rinsing until the water is pretty clear.

You can make your rice in a pan, but a safer, easier, and more consistent method is to use a rice cooker. This is a small model which can handle up to 6 cups of rice, which is a LOT.

Once your rice is cooked you spread it out into a bowl and add the the rice vinegar mixture. You can use a large metal pan, but a wooden one will absorb the excess moisture and cool the rice more quickly.

A simple fan will aid in the rice cooling.

The bamboo rolling mat greatly aids in giving you a consistent, rolled shape to your sushi.

As essential as anything else is a VERY sharp knife with which you cut your rolls and prepare your fish. Different sizes and shapes will make different cuts easier.

Plastic or wooden molds can aid in making different sushi shapes. These are, specifically, spam-sized molds (yes, spam sushi is a thing) that make nice block shapes for sushi "sandwiches."

A simple torch can used to sear your nigiri or heat up the toppings of some rolls.

There are shapes from which you can choose for a variety of fun rolls or pieces.

Presentation of your sushi is a big part of the dining experience. Different shapes, sizes, and colors of plates and serving trays can aid in your meal's appearance.

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