Courting the Upper Register:
An Approach to High Trumpet Playing through Melody

Dr. Michael Stewart

Each of the melodies is first presented in a low range and simple key. This allows us to learn the etude in a mentally and physically relaxed fashion - getting the pitches and intonation firmly in our ear, learning rhythms, watching dynamics. In short, playing musically. Each melody is again presented in the same fashion, but in several higher keys. This brings not only the benefit of the ear's and the embouchure's development, but also pushes us into less common key areas.

These etudes are derived from the following composers and works:

  1. Hummel: Concerto in Eb (I) sound file / Etude PDF
  2. Hummel: Concerto in Eb (III)
  3. Stevens: Sonata (I) Etude PDF
  4. Arutunian: Concerto
  5. Bach: Sarabande
  6. Respighi: Pines of Rome
  7. Ravel: Pavane
  8. M. Haydn: Concerto in D (II) Etude PDF / sound file
  9. Prokofiev: Lt. Kije
  10. Handel: Concerto (IV)
  11. F.J. Haydn: Concerto in Eb (II)
  12. Copland: Outdoor Overture
  13. Charpentier: Te Deum
  14. Tartini: Concerto in D (I)
  15. Handel: The Trumpet Shall Sound

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