Sample Sound Files

Christmas MP3s

  1. Good Christian Men Rejoice (from Christmas duets)
  2. Ding Dong Merrily on High (from Christmas duets)
  3. Bright Bright the Holly Berries (from Christmas duets)
  4. Good King Wenceslas (trumpet quartet)
  5. O Come All Ye Faithful (trumpet quartet)
  6. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (trumpet quartet)
  7. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (trumpet quartet)
  8. I Wonder as I Wander (trumpet quartet)
  9. Deck the Halls (trumpet quartet)
  10. What Child is This? (trumpet quartet)
  11. The 12, Well, 8, Days of Christmas (brass choir)
  12. Angels We Have Heard (brass choir)
  13. Angels We Have Heard (trumpet quartet)
  14. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (trumpet quartet)
  15. Deck the Halls (from Christmas duets)
  16. Deck the Halls (brass quartet)
  17. Ding Dong Merrily on High (trumpet quartet)
  18. The First Noel (trumpet quartet)
  19. Hark the Herald Angels (trumpet quartet)
  20. Joy to the World (brass choir)
  21. Joy to the World (trumpet quartet)
  22. Let it Snow (brass choir)
  23. Lo, How a Rose (trumpet quartet)
  24. Lo, How a Rose (brass quartet)
  25. Lo, How a Rose (brass choir)
  26. Masters in this Hall (trumpet quartet)
  27. O Come, Immanuel (trumpet quartet)
  28. The Wexford Carol (trumpet & piano)

Solo & Small Ensemble (including trumpet and piano) MP3s

  1. Bach: Arioso (brass quintet)
  2. Bach: My Spirit Be Joyful (2 trumpets & organ)
  3. Bach: Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee (trumpet quartet)
  4. Billings: When Jesus Wept (trumpet quartet)
  5. Brahms: Brausten allle Berge (brass quintet)
  6. Clarke: Trumpet Voluntary (brass quartet)
  7. Copland: Walls of Zion (trumpet & piano)
  8. Copland: At the River (trumpet & piano)
  9. Copland: Ching-a-Ring Chaw (trumpet & piano)
  10. Elgar: As Torrents in Summer (brass quartet)
  11. Key: Star Spangled Banner(trumpet quartet - 4 Bb's or Picc + 3 Bb's)
  12. Handel: Hornpipe (trumpet quartet)
  13. Handel: Hornpipe (brass quartet)
  14. Handel: La Rejouissance (2 trumpets & organ)
  15. Handel: La Rejouissance (trumpet sextet)
  16. Mendelssohn: The Primrose (brass quartet)
  17. Monteverdi: Ave Maria (trumpet trio)
  18. Purcell: Nymphs & Shepherds (brass quintet)
  19. Reiche: Abblasen Fanfare (solo piccolo trumpet)
  20. Stewart: And in closing... (trumpet quartet)
  21. Stewart: Chorale for an Iris (trumpet quartet)
  22. Stewart: Fanfare a 4 (trumpet quartet)
  23. Stewart: Game of Fifths, opening section (solo C trumpet + trpt/flugel sextet)
  24. Stewart: Game of Fifths, middle section
  25. Stewart: Game of Fifths, closing sections
  26. Stewart: Langridge Processional (trumpet & organ)
  27. Stewart: Langridge Processional (brass quintet)
  28. Stewart: Polyphonies IV (solo trumpet + brass quintet)
  29. Stewart: Recessional (brass quintet)
  30. Stewart: She Walks in Beauty (tenor, trumpet, & piano)
  31. Stewart: Sound the Trumpets (trumpet trio)
  32. Stewart: Victimae paschali laudes (2 trumpets & organ)
  33. Stewart: Variations on "Simple Gifts" (2 trumpets & organ)
  34. Stewart: Triptych - Fanfare (trumpet trio)
  35. Stewart: Triptych - Chorale(trumpet trio)
  36. Stewart: Triptych - Fugue (trumpet trio)
  37. Stewart: Las Trompetas Matadoras (trumpet quartet)
  38. Stewart: Vacation Music (I) (trumpet & piano)
  39. Stewart: Vacation Music (III) (trumpet & piano)
  40. Stewart: Vacation Music (IV) (trumpet & piano)
  41. Stewart: Vacation Music (V) (trumpet & piano)
  42. Sweelinck: Wir glauben (trumpet trio)
  43. Weelkes: The Nightingale(trumpet trio)
  44. "Traditional": Happy Birthday (trumpet quartet)

Large Brass Ensemble

  1. Charpentier: Prelude to Te Deum (brass choir)
  2. Dvorak: "New World" Symphony - Finale (brass choir)
  3. Gorczycki: In virtute tua (brass choir)
  4. Handel: La Rejouissance (brass choir)
  5. Handel:The Trumpet Shall Sound (brass choir)
  6. Handl, Jacob: Pater Noster (brass choir)
  7. Stewart: Celebration -no, not the Kool & the Gang song! (brass choir)
  8. Stewart: Concertino (brass choir)
  9. Stewart: Fanfare of Remembrance (brass choir)
  10. Stewart: Fields of Play (bass trbn solo + brass choir)
  11. Stewart: Rhapsody (solo horn + brass choir)
  12. Stewart: Trisus (brass choir)
  13. Stewart: Variations on a Greenside Theme (brass choir)
  14. Traditional: America the Beautiful (brass choir)
  15. Various: Swing Medley (brass choir)

Books & Methods MP3s

  1. Michael Haydn Concerto (from Courting the Upper Register)
  2. Hummel Trumpet Concerto (from Courting the Upper Register)
  3. Margarine (from CUR II: Jazz)
  4. Sun Spots (from CUR II: Jazz)
  5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (from Christmas Cookies)
  6. Ding Dong Merrily on High (from Christmas Cookies)

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