F.J. Haydn, M. Haydn, Sachse, & Hummel Trumpet Concertos
arranged in Bb concert

FJ Haydn ConcertoPDF on CD $8.00
Hummel ConcertoPDF on CD $8.00
M Haydn ConcertoPDF on CD $8.00
Sachse ConcertinoPDF on CD $8.00
Any 2 ConcertosPDF on CD $14.00
Any 3 ConcertosPDF on CD $20.00
All 4 ConcertosPDF on CD $25.00

On-line accompaniments!
Here are MIDI renditions of the piano part for each of the movements of the F.J. Haydn & Hummel concertos. Each is given in two speeds for practice!


  • Hummel, 1st Mvt., slow
  • Hummel, 1st Mvt., fast
  • Hummel, 2nd Mvt., slow
  • Hummel, 2nd Mvt., fast
  • Hummel, 3rd Mvt., slow
  • Hummel, 3rd Mvt., fast


  • Haydn, 1st Mvt., slow
  • Haydn, 1st Mvt., fast
  • Haydn, 2nd Mvt., slow
  • Haydn, 2nd Mvt., fast
  • Haydn, 3rd Mvt., slow
  • Haydn, 3rd Mvt., fast

    The benefits to the developing trumpeter in playing these masterworks of trumpet literature in the key of Bb are twofold. Primarily, the lower key allows many more players access to the work. The upper register which the outer movements employ often keep players from being able to work on the concerto's musical aspects. We now have a work that is musically challenging and worthy of study while not forcing the range issue.

    Customer Testimony!!!
    "Dr. Stewart,
    I've now had your Haydn in Bb for a week or so now and want to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. The piano arrangement is exceptional and the more comfortable tessitura for trumpet promotes ease of play while providing a different aural perspective. A humble "Well Done!" - DDSkimmer57@aol.com, April 2002

    Questions??? Contact me at: stewdeepblue@gmail.com

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