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Album Notes: "New music. Does it have to only be danceable or video-driven these days? I think not. I believe we can find an area of overlap between music that is cerebral and that which is more visceral. As a composer and performer, I try to find ways to meld these two areas of my creative psyche. This album contains twelve tracks of new compositions for trumpet. The tracks range from "new classical" to those that might evoke thoughts of a movie soundtrack, to pop and hard rock. Seven of the songs are more introspective and compositionally driven, while the others take on a more "popular" set of styles, including lots of high note work in the solo trumpet. Several songs also feature some improvisation. I think most all people that listen to purely instrumental music will find something to like on this album, as I have tried to be stylistically and sonically diverse, as well as creatively sound. Thank you for taking the time to read this far. I hope you do, indeed, find much to enjoy here!"


1. The Great Herds (YouTube video) - trumpet and strings. A "riding o'er the plains in victory" kind of feeling.
2. At Play - trumpet and strings. Delicate, innocent.
3. Pastorale (YouTube video) - trumpet and strings. Very relaxing, peaceful.
4. With Goodness & Strength - trumpet and strings. Firm, bold playing with a contrasting lyrical section.
5. Soliloquy - trumpet and synthesizer. Somewhat ethereal. Lacks a firm tonal center.
6. On the Wing - trumpet and strings. Energetic, trumpet notes really start flying toward the end.
7. The Ring - trumpet(s) and rock band. Get your high notes and grunge bullfighting gear ready!
8. The Summoning - two trumpets and strings. Very calm, calls and echoes.
9. Figurado Blues - three trumpets and rhythm. Straight eighth blues with improv and high note fun.
10. Summer Groove - trumpet and rhythm. Relaxing, almost Supertramp-like feel.
11. Straight Eight - trumpet(s) and rhythm. Kind of poppy, bouncy.
12. Gladiators - trumpet(s) and rock band. Pretty hard groove, energetic!

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